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After your session is over, I will look through and hand select which images to edit. They are then uploaded to your own private on-line gallery. The photos you receive from me will be unique & creative and will hopefully recreate exactly how you see yourselves. Through my eyes.
From your private gallery you can do a few cool things that I feel make life easier:
You can download the entire album to your home computer (you cannot save them directly to cell phones, unfortunately); mark favorites and just download those select few or share that list with loved ones; order prints and share your photos to any social media outlet.
You can order prints directly from the site. These are the only prints I can guarantee because they will look exactly as I have intended, and the color will be exact. I cannot guarantee the quality of any other printing lab.
If you ever run into any issues while trying to print enlargements, please let me know. I can re-size any photos you need and get them back to you very quickly. 
Sometimes my clients are not fans of what I think the best photos are.         If you are unhappy with the photos, please give me your honest feedback so we can work something out and be sure you are completely satisfied.

Little blurb about my photog style

People are drawn to my work because the colors are clean and natural; I believe in making every subject glow; the smiles are real & never forced; the editing is minimal and timeless; people always seem comfortable in my photos because they actually are; my posing is natural, but directive when needed; special moments are documented and never rushed.