Telling stories, one memory at a time.

Bike riding, chubby little legs teetering along, making yummy pancakes on Saturday morning, playing in the fields of sunflowers, cool swims in the river, learning to tie their shoes for the first time….

One day there will be a last time for that, and we may not even know when. These precious memories become the past & I want to record this for you in a beautiful way.

Your story, your life. All of the little things, long after you have forgotten.

Here's how....                                                                                                                                                    

I’m a sucker for connections & feeling a family’s love. So, we arrange a day together where I come to your home. We can make plans to do something you would do every other day with your family. It could be hanging out around the house, traveling to your favorite wildflower field, a play day at the park, or even hitting up your favorite urban area. That is entirely up to you. It’s unscripted and simple.

The only difference is you will have me observing, documenting and preserving your most cherished moments. Moments we all take for granted in the hustle and bustle of our everyday. I will be there to capture details, connection and all the sweet little moments we overlook day to day.

 The Investment Details ($575):

You purchase the package & we set up a date. I send a special questionnaire to get to know your family a bit better and the correspondence begins.

I want to hang out & know you like a friend….the rest is history.