I am a…
Wife & Mother. Photographer. Baby lover. Canon junkie. Flea market/ thrifty things lover. Craft fiend. Wanna-be interior designer. Dinner party lover. Foodie. Nature lover. Big city lover. Ice cream addict.

I love photography because I love people, but more importantly their stories. Good photography is deeply personal. It matters if my photos capture the feeling of being human, the intensity, the textures and the beauty of being alive. I strive to capture the honest moments. The little details about us that make us who we are.

My approach is simple- I think we're our most beautiful when we forget there's a camera watching & we just romp around being the happy, sweet, vulnerable, connected creatures that we are. I love every moment whether it's beautiful, emotional or silly. I’m wild about my family, as you are about yours, and there’s no greater joy for me than capturing that love and creating a little piece of forever for all of the awesome people in my life....


I’ll be the first to say it – shopping for a photographer nowadays is a total pain in the ass. Not only is there an overwhelming amount of options, but finding out which ones fit your budget based on “starting at” prices totally takes away from the spirit of documenting memories. I love to know how much things cost without needing to inquire. I’m just not a fan of wasting time. Haha. You can find all of my services with the associated costs & information listed on my site. My process is pretty straight-forward.

Obviously, there’s more to learn if you contact me directly, so feel free to do so anytime!


I take more of a journalistic approach to my work, and all this means is leaving room for life to slip in between the directed poses. I promise, we will always have those beautiful arranged shots, BUT my favorite is to chat & play with you while firing thru it all. Tears, yes. Tantrums, sure. I worked as a nanny for 8 years, so I can relate & easily connect children. I live for the candid moments when people reveal who they really are, so that when you look back on these images, all of the emotions will hit your heart in the best way.

I offer photography for all stages of life & I'm always up for an adventure to a new location!